Two wheels are better than four

As well as looking cool there are many benefits to commuting on motorcycles instead of a car. Here at Herald we want you to have an enjoyable commute instead of a stressful one and have created a few pointers to why riding a motorcycle is better than driving a car.

It’s a lot more fun

Riding a motorcycle is a lot more fun than driving a car. Whilst cars may be more comfortable, this can lead to inattention to the beautiful scenery and lead to tiredness. In contrast, riding a motorbike is the perfect cure to waking yourself up on a Monday morning and taking in the beautiful surroundings, definitely putting a smile on your face ready for work.

No more waiting

If you are tired of waiting in a long queue or at a standstill then riding a motorbike is the perfect solution. Where it is safe to do so, riding a motorcycle can help you filter through traffic and get you to your destination at a consistent time rather than worrying about hitting all the traffic when you are ready to leave for work.

A study by INFRIX, a leading international provider of real-time traffic information found that the average driver in the UK spent on average 124 hours a year in 2016 in standstill traffic. The benefit of riding a motorcycle enables you to weave through the traffic, saving you time and stress on your daily commute.

Meet more like-minded motorcycle riders

Government statistics on motorcycles have shown that motorcycle numbers have grown over the years from 720,000 in 1994 growing to 1,270,200 in the last quarter of 2016. The perfect time to join your fellow Herald riders!

More skilled than car drivers

Research by motorbike insurer Carole Nash found that motorcyclists were more knowledgeable of road safety which was twice as good as those who only drive a car.

Easier parking

Struggling to find a parking space? Riding a motorcycle means you can fit into smaller spaces and means more places to park!

Easier to maintain

Compared to a car, motorcycles are easier to repair and maintain. The engine is easily accessible and there is less on a motorbike to maintain. Not only that but in most instances the cost for routine maintenance are less than for a car.