The road to riding: Part 2 – Bigger bikes!

Okay, so you’ve got your CBT or A1 licence and have been happily riding a 125cc motorcycle with a smile on your face. But now, maybe you’d like a little bit more power, or to have more routes and bike options available to you?

Here’s our guide to the next step on your journey.


You need to have a valid theory test certificate before you can take your practical test.

A1 Licence (light motorcycles)

The A1 licence will enable you to ride motorcycles up to 125cc and up to 11kW with no requirement to equip your bike with L plates. Perfect for those who are looking at our 125 range like the Herald Maverick.

A2 Licence (standard motorcycles)

For those looking at using a more powerful bike such as our Herald Maverick 250, the A2 licence is for those who are 19+ and have held an A1 licence for two years, or are taking the A2 licence directly by completing your CBT then applying for the Direct Access route. However, the A2 licence will only enable you to ride motorcycles with a power output of up to 35kW.

A Licence (unrestricted motorcycles)

Fancy our Brute 500? Well, the A Licence is the final test if you’re looking to ride any motorcycle of any size. To apply for an A licence you will need to:

Upon completing your practical (and theory test if you are going through the direct access route) you will be able to ride any motorcycle!

This chart below maps out the various categories – you can also read more info on the website here.

Bike categories, ages and licence requirements

Licence category Requirements for licence Minimum age
Mopeds with speed range of 25 km/h to 45 km/h AM Compulsory basic training (CBT), theory test, practical test on all powered 2-wheeled moped 16
Small 3-wheelers (up to 50 cc and below 4 kW) AM CBT, theory test, practical test 16
Light quadricycles (weighing under 350 kg, top speed 45 km/h) AM CBT, theory test, practical test 16
Same as AM plus 2 or 3-wheeled mopeds with top speed of 25 km/h Q Granted with AM 16
Light motorcycle up to 11 kW (and a power-to-weight ratio not more than 0.1 kW per kg) and 125 cc A1 CBT, theory test, practical test 17
Motor tricycles with a power output not more than 15 kW A1 CBT, theory test, practical test 17
Standard motorcycle up to 35 kW (and a power-to-weight ratio not more than 0.2 kW per kg), bike must not be derived from vehicle more than twice its power A2 Direct access route – theory and practical

Progressive access route – 2 years experience on A1 motorbike and a further practical test

Unrestricted motorcycles in size/power, with or without a sidecar, and motor tricycles with power output over 15 kW A Direct access route – CBT, theory and practical (you must be at least 24)

Progressive access route – held an A2 licence for a minimum of 2 years – practical test (21 or over)

24 (direct) or 21 (progressive access)