Summer lovin’ for your Herald

Summer Motorcycle Riding 

With the weather getting warmer, it might be worth checking your Herald before taking it out for ride. If you are new to Herald then the checklist below is the perfect guide to get you started.

Change the oil

Whether or not you’ve used your bike during the winter period now is a good time to change the oil. We recommended this as dirty oil can increase corrosion which can end with your Herald engine wearing out prematurely.

Before you do anything, start the engine to get your old oil at operating temperature and then drain the existing oil. We recommend refilling your oil with Silkolene 10w40.

Lubricate your chain

Without your chain, you can’t ride your Herald and enjoy the summer weather.

Lubricating your chain regularly will help your bike ride smoothly. Applying lubricant to the inside of the chain after riding your Herald will help it sink into the chain gaps. If your chain is too tight then you should consider adjusting your chain as it will tighten up when weight is on the bike.

Not sure what to get? We recommend using a good wear and tear lubricant.

Check that suspension

Before setting off into the sunset with your Herald, it is worth checking and adjusting the suspension. For those who love to ride their Herald, it’s worth to occasionally check for any unusual wear and tear or fork oil leaks. For adjustments, apply the correct suspension setting based on the terrain you’re riding your Herald on.

To check the condition of your suspension, apply your front brake and push down on the handlebars. A working suspension should give a little as you push down on the handlebars and should be a smooth movement without feeling or sounding clunky.

Look after your brakes

Whether you are planning a long or short journey this summer, checking your brakes are a necessity. Depending on how aggressively you ride, your brake pads can wear down quite quickly and riding worn brake pads could lead to ruining your rotors.

To ensure your brake pads are in top notch condition, inspect your brake pads; they should be at least 3mm in depth. Any less than this, it is advised you see your nearest Herald dealer to fix this. We advise you do this sooner rather than later as leaving it too long can damage your discs ending in an expensive bill!

Tyres checked?

It is always important to check your tyres, especially after the winter period. Ensure there is no unusual wear and tear and that your tyre pressure is at the recommended level before riding your Herald. Under or over inflated tyres can affect handling and fuel consumption and we want you to have the smoothest ride possible when it comes to your Herald!
To check your tyre pressure, use a quality pressure gauge for an accurate reading and check your tyres when they are cold. We usually suggest 29psi for both front and rear Herald tyres.

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