Staying safe on your Herald

Motorcycle riding exposes you to more danger than most other forms of transport. Unprepared, you can find yourself unprotected and at risk of hazards on the road.
New riders may have this fresh in their mind, but even if you are already an experienced rider then reinforcing your knowledge can’t hurt.

Hazard perception

All road users will know this is key. Motorcyclists have the added hazard of being generally smaller than most other vehicles on the road. You need to be aware of drivers not noticing you when they change lanes, overtake, join at a junction, or pull onto a roundabout. By scanning way ahead and keeping an eye out for people who might not notice you, and making sure your lights are on will help you stay safe. The condition of the road and the weather will also affect your ride, a pothole that a car might glide over unscathed can be a bumpy ride for a bike, and the wind can be strong enough to significantly affect your balance. Everything needs to be taken into account when you are on your motorcycle.


It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t overtake when approaching bends, junctions, dips or hills or any scenario where your vision ahead is impaired. Even when the conditions are good you should be careful when overtaking as there is still a chance they may not see you. It is also important to try to only overtake one vehicle at a time, while making sure you stay in full view of their mirrors.

Inspect your ride

It is always important to give your bike a good once-over before going on your next adventure. Checking your tyre pressure, lights, oil and carrying out regular maintenance will ensure you are safe and set to ride your motorcycle. Doing this check will help you identify any leaks, potential hazards or loose bolts that may need tightening. Don’t know where to start? Check out our blog on maintaining your Herald.

Wear appropriate clothing

Wearing a helmet (and fastening it up) is a legal requirement in the UK, the rest is up to you. However we strongly recommend that you don’t go out on your motorcycle in shorts and a T-shirt, if the worst happens and you have an accident then you have no protective layers to cushion the fall. Wearing protective, appropriate motorcycling gear with a helmet will protect you and potentially save your life.

Be alert

We want you to be able to enjoy riding your Herald, and to be safe while doing it. Getting on your Herald with distractive thoughts or riding whilst drowsy, or after drinking, or even taking certain medications can affect your concentration.

Remember that when you are on a motorcycle, you are the only one on the road looking out for you and a strong focus is needed at all times. If you want to know more about meditation whilst riding check out our blog here.

With all this said, it all boils down to knowing your own abilities, what you are wearing and knowing your Herald. You can’t be in control of everything but you can control how you react to it.