Resurgence Café Racer Jeans


Manufactured in a highly durable material
CE certified to EN1621-1:2012
Level 1 in ambient, wet and cold conditions
Area A coverage
Temperature stable

12oz Selvedge denim, manufactured in the old fashioned way on a shuttle loom
Traditional 5 pocket design
Slim fit for men
60% lined, to the top of the boot, with PEKEV™, Resurgence Gear’s revolutionary new aramid based lining, covering zones 1, 2 and some of 3
Inner comfort mesh lining to wick heat and moisture away from the skin
D3O T5 Evo X CE EN1621-1 knee and hip armour included
Available in 2 colours for men or ladies, Raw and washed Selvedge denim
Hip and knee armour pockets with adjustment.

PEKEV® Technology

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Every biker knows that in the event of an accident a person must have:

Protection against road impact
Protection against abrasion
Protection against cuts
Pushing the limits of Aramids and Ethylene fibres, we use only the highest quality spinning techniques available. Improving tensile strength and converting them into fabrics using exclusively elite blends we developed a 3rd generation PEKEV® fabric – this is one of the strongest and most stable fabrics in the world!

Made from the world’s toughest polymer based material, it has the highest breaking point for yarn. The tensile strength of the overall fabric is unsurpassed among all contemporary protection layers. It has the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made, it’s highly resistant to corrosive chemicals (with exception of oxidizing acids), has extremely low moisture absorption, a very low coefficient of friction, is self-lubricating and is highly resistant to abrasion – in some forms being 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel. It is highly resistant to water, moisture, most chemicals, UV radiation, and micro-organisms.

Our fabric is internationally field tested and ready for the most demanding motorbike riders of the world. Where other brands fail to perform in safety, durability and comfort we excel – wash after wash and drag after drag!

PEKEV® features:

World’s toughest polymer based material, the highest breaking point in yarn
With a world beating abrasion resistance of 10.83 seconds, the results of our CE EN13595-1 level 2 testing, you are wearing the results of ten years of research every time you ride out
CE rating is for the whole garment, not just the hip and knee protectors
Over 200% stronger than KEVLAR®, 15 times stronger than carbon steel
Dual layer and cross knitting, exceptionally strong against motion cuts
Protective lining is 270 GSM, stronger than 550 GSM KEVLAR® lining
Wash safe – moisture will not affect performance, wash after wash
Wicking lining to draw away moisture (body sweat)
Disperse body heat quickly, greatly improves riding comfort
Soft Inner mesh lining, soft on skin
Overall Jeans weigh 0.5 kilos less than our nearest competitor (stronger materials equals less weight)
100% of the jeans are covered with the protection layer, from the top of the waistband to the bottom leg seam
No outer armour/pad pocket stitches
Includes D3O T5 Evo X removable hip & knee armour (this is not an additional cost like with many other brands)
Highest quality materials and production, up to 20 times more lifespan than other brands


Unlike aramid fabric which degrades quickly PEKEV® is strong against:

Ionic enzyme washing. In 90% of cases aramid fibres are treated with ionic enzymes when washing denim, so performance is affected right from the point of manufacturing. Aramids are sensitive to acids. PEKEV® is unaffected.

Bleach. Chlorine bleach (sodium hypochlorite) treatment completely destroys the strength of aramid fabrics. PEKEV® remains unaffected.

Ultra violet (sunlight to you and me). In strong sunlight, or a high UV environment, aramid fibres degrade and life cycle is reduced. With PEKEV® there is no degredation and the fibres are unaffected.

Moisture. Aramid strength is affected by moisture and washing. PEKEV® is again not affected.

Detergents. Superior chemical resistance means that the performance of PEKEV® is unaffected by these.

Heat dispersion. Most aramid fabrics retain heat and do not breathe PEKEV® disperses body heat and is breathable, so keeps you cool comfortable and able to focus even on long runs on sunny days.


The D3O® T5 EVO X utilises the latest material innovation from D3O which offers increased durability.

The parts continue to offer great impact protection whilst remaining low profile and lightweight. The range includes knee, hip, shoulder and elbow pads which are CE certified to level 1 across ambient, wet and cold conditions.

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