Motorcycling: A Beginners Guide

Welcome to the world of motorcycling. Getting your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) or motorcycle licence is a great achievement but having a motorcycle will give you the freedom of the open road that no car or van will allow. Not only that but getting your licence means you are part of a biking community who like you, enjoy the thrill of the wind on their faces and the freedom a motorbike gives them.

Before you decide on what Herald motorcycle you want to get your hands on it’s worth checking what motorcycle you can ride. For those that have recently completed a CBT you can ride scooters or 125cc motorcycles such as our Maverick or Herald Classic as long as they have L plates attached and are not ridden on motorways, unless you have an A1 licence. If you have an A2 licence then you’re in luck to ride our awesome 250 classic motorcycles, our new Herald Phantom or any other bike that does not produce more than 46.6bhp.

Buying your bike

There’s no doubt that buying your first motorcycle is exciting but before you start its worth considering these annual costs:


You will have to renew your motorcycle tax every year by completing a V11 or with a V5C registration certificate. Costs of motorcycle tax depend on engine size and type of bike but prices can range from £17-86 per year.


An MOT test is a mandatory test for bikes that are over 3 years old and must be carried out every year. The test will check the important items on your motorcycle to ensure they meet the legal requirements.


Insuring your motorcycle is mandatory. Depending on what type of insurance you go for (whether it is third party or comprehensive and whether you want to consider extras such as legal cover and breakdown cover) it is worth researching what insurance suits your needs. Herald recommend our approved insurance provider Bikesure.


Motorcycles require more maintenance than a car but are a lot easier to repair and maintain. The cost for routine maintenance also tends to be cheaper than for a car. Regular checks on tyres, air filters and oil are recommended and how often you ride your bike will depend on how often you carry out maintenance on it.

For more information on maintenance tips, especially for our Herald bikes visit our blog on looking after your Herald.

Types of Herald motorcycles

Herald Maverick 125cc

The Maverick is perfect for those starting out in the world of motorcycling who hold a CBT or A1 licence.  With an attractive appearance along with a fuel injection system and combined braking system this model is perfect for those looking for a stylish first motorcycle.

Herald Phantom 250

For the more experienced rider and for those who hold a A2 licence. The Phantom is styled around the Bobber and features a distinctive look. With a unique swing arm, 18.1bhp and mono-shock rear suspension, this bike will definitely give you that unique look.

Classic 125

Our bestselling bike, the Classic 125 is a firm favourite and among new and experienced riders. A reliable bike with a Suzuki derived engine, the Classic 125 comes with a teardrop shaped fuel tank and spoked wheels. Coupled with low running costs and competitive pricing this is the perfect bike for new or experienced riders.

Classic 250

The Herald Classic 250 is one of our more powerful Herald bikes suitable for those who hold an A2 licence. With 21bhp and top speeds of up to 80mph this highly sought after motorcycle combines practicality with style for riders looking to make a distinct statement out on the road.

Café Racer 250 Custom

Similar to our Classic 250, the custom models sport a front fairing and are available in a limited range of three stylish colours, green, red and black. Perfect for those who want a more-custom styled bike.

Herald also offers a range of custom-styled motorcycles and you can create your own custom bike and make your project become a reality through Herald Custom.